How to pick the right colour dress for your big day!

When brides come in to the Boutique- some are shocked at the colour choices. Some brides are adamant they want white or ivory, to stick with tradition. Others want to be different and would much rather choose a champagne or rose coloured gown for their big day. 

But what’s best for you?

More recently we have seen lots of colours come in and out of fashion in the bridal industry, along with the usual sillouhettes and materials. With different variations of Champagnes, Rose pinks, Ivories, and even blues, dresses can give a completely different feel to your big day. 

So maybe choosing the colour of your dress would fit in better with your wedding ‘theme’. For example, a champagne or even gold dress gives that antique/ vintage look, a lot of brides like to achieve.  A dress with a bold pattern or print can really give your wedding that summer/spring feel, and the splash of colour is guaranteed to give you that edge to make you stand out, on your big day. But we should also take in to consideration the brides colouring. A fair skinned/ hair bride lends herself to the off white tones, as sticking with a bright white or even ivory, can wash her out. Where as an olive skinned or darker bride, can enhance their natural skin tones with paler ivories and whites. Each bride is different and so this isn’t applied when picking the dress, but is maybe something to consider! 

Anyone can go for the prints, as long as they’re confident enough of course!!


Jen and the team at CB x