Accessories for Winter Brides!

Thinking of getting married in the Winter, but don’t want to be too exposed to the elements?

This week we are looking at different dresses, and accessories, to keep the frost off at your winter wedding! Now obviously this wont be for everyone, as a lot of brides don’t care if they’re cold once they’re in the perfect dress! I mean, we all saw Phoebe getting married in her sleeveless, corseted dress, in the snow on Friends!

So to kick off, we are starting with sleeves. Granted, lace sleeves aren’t actually that warm, but you could always opt for a Satin sleeve to match HRH’s Meghan and Eugenie!

Whether they’re added on to the dress during alterations with the seamstress, a separate bolero, or just part of your gown, sleeves are an obvious, classy choice for your big day! At any time of year!

Next up, we have our Fur (or faux fur) shrugs. Our brides love these shrugs, and we find, that they are usually chosen for a Christmas/ New year wedding. There are lots of different styles, from an off the shoulder wrap, to full sleeves!

Have you ever thought about wearing a Bridal Cape? Not as new as you’d think to the wedding industry, Bridal Capes can be bought with dresses, or separate from designers. These can be worn in place of a veil, or alongside. Again, not the warmest accessory, but they are stunning!

And if none of these are for you.. you can actually get Bridal Jumpers now! Now, i’m a fan of a good fluffy jumper.. but maybe this is that bit too casual for your wedding day!?

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 12.26.11.png

Until next time!

Lots of love, Team CB xx