Embracing Christmas at your Winter Wedding

A few of us here at Cheadle Bride, are without doubt, Christmas obsessed. So when we are planning our own weddings, we cant wait to incorporate the festivities into our special days!

We have been looking at a few classy ideas, to make sure that Christmas is a part of your day if you are planning on being a winter bride, without completely taking over!

Below are some place settings that we really love, from our Pinterest page!

How cute is the little tree!?

We love the idea of using elements of different kinds of Christmas tree, fir, spruce and pine, and adding it to bouquets and room furnishings! And of course, we couldn’t have Christmas without fairy lights twinkling about the place!

And of course, what kind of Bridal Boutique would we be, if we didn’t add some of our favourite dresses for the winter months!?

We just love satin and heavy lace at this time of year! Look at these beauties from Essense of Australia, and Enzoani.

Teamed up with a fur bolero, or shrug, these make the perfect winter bridal gowns, for a stunningly festive wedding !

Currently in the shop, the favourite colours to accompany our winter brides through bridesmaid dresses and flowers, are navy, burgundy, gold or black! What colour would you choose for your big day?

Until next time!

Lots of love, Team CB xx