Brides of the Month- February

After a brief break over Christmas, we are back with our Brides of the Month!

Its very exciting in the shop when we get two brides together, each trying to surprise the other yet worrying about if there dresses will compliment their other-halfs. Kathryn and Siobhan both, in turn, came to our boutique in search for the dress of their dreams, and lucky they both found them! Here are some gorgeous pictures of the brides on their big day, and a little bit about their experience with wedding planning! 


"We chose the beautiful venue of Nunsmere Hall in Cheshire for our special day. 

We were very lucky to have guests from many countries, including Zambia, Canada, Australia, USA and Cyprus.

Having been together for three years and already sharing a home, we don't have many secrets! One we were determined to keep was our wedding dresses.

We worked with the lovely team at Cheadle Bride to ensure our secrets remained safe! It was a perfect day to celebrate our love, with family and friends.

Our big tip is enjoy all of it - what seems stressful can always be fixed and it’s over in a flash! 

Thank you for everything #teamcheadlebride

Kathryn and Siobhan"


Congratulations Kathryn and Siobhan, we wish you all the love and happiness in your future together! Team CB xx