Seasonal Themes- "Rosy "

We are now well in to 2018, with lots of brides coming into the shop looking for their dresses for the upcoming year, whilst discussing themes and colour ideas to compliment their dress/ venue. But the season that the wedding is going to take place in, is just as much of a factor!

Over the next few weeks we will be looking at different colour palettes and styles to compliment the seasonal changes! 

And we are kicking off the themes with "Rosy" !

This palette mixes reds, burgundy, as well as pink and purple hues to create a stunningly sophisticated look. The deep tones of red still give the feel of winter, with a touch of romance as Valentines day approaches, and the playful pink and purple accents, give a splash of colour and the feel that spring is on its way! These beautiful colours compliment a steely grey suit, making the groom stand out with his ivory bride on their wedding day. 

The perfect palette for a winter-spring wedding! 

For more inspiration on this colour palette please visit our pinterest page  

and stay tuned for some more colour ideas!


Love Team CB xx