Seasonal Themes- "Shine"

After our lovely Rosy theme , we have gone for a much cooler look. We have called this weeks theme, Shine, as it mixes hints of metallic with cool greens and greys.

With the weather still a bit grey and the sunshine trying to cut through the clouds to welcome in Spring, this palette is the perfect choice for a Winter / Spring wedding. In comparison to the last, this cuts out the warm tones of pink and red, making the look a little less festive, and a bit more sophisticated. 

We here at CB, think that silver accessories work perfectly with this look, as silver carries off a cooler look as appose to a warm gold, however a lot of brides will check which best compliments herself and her entourage and work the palette to best suit them.

Remember, if you have cool skin tones (pink, red or blush undertones) you are most likely to suit silver and paler cool colours. If you have warm skin tones, (yellow, peachy or golden undertones) you are most likely to suit gold and bold warm colours. A great way to check this is to look at the veins on your wrist- if they're blue, you're cool, and if they're more green, you're warm. It doesn't always depend on hair colour!

Look out for our next post when we will be looking into Spring!

Love, Team CB xx