Choosing the right colour wedding dress for you..

When you think of a wedding dress, do you think white? maybe ivory? or how about some different blushes and champagne tones?

These days there are lots of different colours to choose from, to wear on your special day that can still tie in with a traditional bridal look. At Cheadle Bride, we get a lot of brides telling us that they're looking for a traditional white wedding dress, when in actual fact they mean ivory! White isn't as popular as it once was, as it tends to make a lot of people look washed out, and so we look for slightly warmer tones to compliment our complexion. A lot of these brides then go on to buy a dress completely different than what they set out for, maybe its a mocha, or a sand colour! This weeks blog post is a guide of how to choose a colour that best matches your skin tone, to make you shine on your special day. Please note however, that everyone is different, and there are always some exceptions!!

If you have, fair skin..

If you have fair skin, maybe some freckles, and a pale complexion, the "rule" would be to stay away from white dresses. A fair skinned bride will usually suit a traditional warm ivory gown, which will compliment her skin tone.

Below is "Kathy" by Enzoani, a stunning example of an ivory wedding dress.

BT18-30 - Kathy (1).jpg

Medium shades...

Do you tan easy, without getting burnt? Maybe suit a peach based makeup, over a pink? Then you will suit colours with a creamier undertone. Dresses in Mocha and Champagne are the ones for you! Although, a warm ivory would look just as good with your beautiful complexion.

Here, we have chosen "Lily" by Enzoani, to show you just what kind of colour you could rock on your day!

BT17-01 - Lily Front.jpg

Medium shades, with pink undertones...

This would mean that you have a medium to light skin tone, and are still susceptible to burning a little in the summer sun! Again, you could definitely go for an Ivory gown, but we would also recommend various blushes, if you wanted something different.

Below is the beautiful, "Melbourne" by Essense of Australia, to represent this look..

Melbourne - D2453.jpg

Yellow undertones...

This is for anyone with an olive skin tone! You tan beautifully, and summer suits you ! You are one of the lucky few, that could wear a white dress on your big day! Champagne tones also look amazing on you.

"Peony" is one of our Champagne dresses, by Caro Bella.

Peony - Front.jpg

Dark skin...

Another one of the lucky ones, that look divine in a white wedding dress! But this is also one of the only skin tones that has their pick of the whole bunch, you really aren't at all limited to a certain palette!

We have added our new "Emilia" dress by Essense of Australia, to go with this skin tone, as it is an off white shade, as appose to ivory.

Emilia - D2475 (1).jpg




Whatever you choose to wear on your wedding day, its going to be right for you. And as long as your happy- that will shine through and you will look beautiful!


Lots of love, Team CB xx