Shoe Heaven

You have found the perfect dress… its time to think about shoes!

With our rainbow club shoes the possibilities are endless to have the perfect shoe for your perfect day, at the same time being comfortable. Remember when choosing your shoes that your dress will be ordered or altered to the correct height whilst you’re wearing your shoes, therefore it’s so important to choose a style that you can wear all day, and all night! We don’t want you tripping on your dress!

Something blue…..


Each pair of Rainbow Club shoes comes with your ‘something blue’ on the sole of your shoe. A gorgeous little blue gem can tick one item from the traditions list in such a pretty way.


A mentioned above one of the key factors to your wedding shoes should be comfort! As a bride you will be on your feet all day greeting family and friends old and new and then dancing the night away into the early hours, thats why we LOVE how cushioned the rainbow club shoes are and they take great care to model and cast the shoes with this in mind.

Here are some of our favs….

Low heel

High Heel


Add a bit of glam to your shoe with the genius idea of a shoe clip……we at Cheadle Bride would wear these moe than just on our wedding day we love them so much!


If your looking for something a little different, and want a unique colour fro your special day The rainbow club shoes have over 150+ colour shades to choose form and can even colour match a swatch sample, all done in the UK by hand. There is even the option of having an ivory shoe for your wedding day and get them dyed so you can wear them again after! win-win! Let your imagination go free……..

Until Next time….

Love Team C.B xx