Bride of the Month - May '19

It’s that wonderful time once again, It’s Bride of the Month time!

Our amazing Bride of the Month for May is lovey Louise, who has very kindly written some words of wisdom for brides to be, this will give you some insight on her dress shopping experience and has even given us some tips and tricks to share with you! Enjoy …..

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“Amongst the many things I had to do for my wedding, dress shopping remains one of the highlights! I LOVED it! I think I’m supposed to have a job in which I try on wedding dresses because I just fell in love with them. Even now that I’m happily married, I can’t resist a peek in the window of a bridal boutique.

When I set out to find ‘the one’ I had a pretty good idea of what would suit me but I also wanted to try on as many styles as I could cause I was only going to do this once (we hope!) I knew I would never go for a princess dress but I had fun prancing around in one…when else do you get to do it? I don’t know about you but I don’t go to many balls…

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I went to five shops in total so I tried a LOT of dresses on. Cheadle Bride was actually my second shop and I found my dress then, I just didn’t know it yet. It was by Enzoani and when I first put it on, I had some tears, relief, excitement but came away to think about it and then did what I think a lot of brides do – had second thoughts, scrutinised the photos and questioned everything! And so my search continued but it all got a little confusing from then on…

I tried on so many dresses, probably too many. I started to convince myself that my dream dress probably didn’t exist because my reaction was always “I like it…but…”

So I became very practical and resigned myself to the fact that I may end up having to settle for something that wasn’t quite perfect, but nice enough.

All the while ‘the Cheadle Bride one’ (as we called it) was still in my mind but I knew there were things I’d want to change on it and I didn’t know if it was possible. So I booked another appointment with them. Honestly, I went in convinced that it would just be to rule it out once and for all.

I remember that appointment so clearly. I turned up at the shop like a headless chicken, grabbed as many dresses as I could that I hadn’t tried last time, even perused the sale rack and was determined to make some sort of decision. Time was ticking on after all. Catrin and Ellie, the seamstress had gotten out the Enzoani dress ready for me to try on for a second time and when I saw it hung up, I fell in love with the lace all over again. We tried that one on first. Then it happened. All the ‘feels’ came again and I knew it was my wedding dress.

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Things that surprised me whilst dress shopping:

-                You can make changes! You don’t realise at first that some dresses can easily be altered and changed to suit your vision. I’d always wanted sleeves and I wanted more of a fishtail look to the bottom as I felt it would compliment my figure more. Cheadle Bride were so enthusiastic, open and nothing was too much trouble. Plus, it really didn’t cost that much for extra material and underskirts etc. 


-                Picking a shop close to home is really handy! You have to go back so many times. I went dress shopping in Clitheroe, Bakewell and almost ended up in Brighton! I was so relieved I only had to travel 20 minutes to Cheadle Bride.


-                There are lovely memories to be made. I invited my mum, step mum, mother in law and my bridesmaids to some appointments. People always told me to make the most of the lead up to the wedding because the big day goes so fast and it really does! So I’m glad to have some really fond memories of dress shopping with the wonderful women in my life.

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-                The people that make you look good on your wedding day become a really intimate part of the experience. It’s also a side that the Groom never gets to share with you. Catrin and Ellie made us all feel so welcome and cared for. We fell in love with the place – my mum is always recommending it to people and one of my best friends has recently bought her dress from there!


-                Sometimes the dress that might look the best on you, just isn’t ‘you’. I’m lucky to be quite tall and slim and so I discovered that a lot of different styles suited me. I took a lot of photos and spent tons of pointless time considering them, thinking this one makes me look more sexy and that one really shows off my figure etc…but in the end I got the dress that made me feel like ‘me’ and you really can’t beat that feeling. On the day, I felt like a million dollars and it was also really special to wear something that was one of a kind.

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A huge thanks to all at Cheadle Bride. You really made the wedding dress experience for me. It was such a special time in my life and I’ll always be grateful to have spent it with Catrin and Ellie. I’ll definitely be back when we renew our vows!! My husband’s shaking his head right now… “

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Everyone at Cheadle Bride wish Louise and Leigh every happiness on their new journey as Man and Wife.

Until next time…

Love Team C.B XX

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