Wedding Speeches - 10 Top Tips

Traditionally it’s the Father of the Bride, Groom and Best man who makes the speeches at the wedding breakfast. However it has become more and more popular for the bride to also say a few words. So if this is you, here are our top tips to make the perfect speech…

  1. Less is More - 10 minutes maximum your guests can get restless, so keep it short but sweet and we can promise the tears and laughter will come.

  2. Make some notes - It’s your big day, there is so much going on, keep a few prompt notes incase you get distracted half way though!

  3. Tell a Story - Have a beginning, middle and end to your speech and let your family and friend learn something about you or your partner that they don’t know.

  4. Add Humour - A joke or funny family stories always go down well and keep everybody engaged and smiling.

  5. Props - Give your bridesmaid something to bring to you that will add to your speech, an inside joke that you are willing to share, a nod to where you or your partner is from, something sentimental that goes with what you are saying.

  6. Toast - If you do want to make a toast remember to make sure that your guests glasses are full.

  7. Rehearse - Get an honest opinion from a trusted friend, and go through your speech out loud a few times to highlight where you forget.

  8. Take your Time - Don’t rush your words as everyone needs to be able to hear what you say!

  9. Thank you’s - Thank everyone for being an important part of your Big Day, especially those who have helped with their time or financially.

  10. Last but not least - Have fun! This is your wedding day and it will fly by so quickly so remember to enjoy the moment.