Razzle Dazzle Them!

Returning back to normal after attending Bridal Heaven that is the Harrogate Bridal Show, which we attend every year to bring you back the most beautiful gowns for your big day, We have spotted one trend that will be everywhere over the next few seasons. That is SPARKLE! And we are so happy about it!

Jewel - D2615.jpg

Of course this is not something new in Bridal, embellished glittering gowns have always been an option in the Bridal world making sure every Cinderella girl has the chance to be her very own princess for the day, However we have noticed that the next seasons this has been cranked up a notch in contrast to the elegant simple gown that is also desirable at the moment.


Other trends to look out for in 2020:

Statement Sleeves,

Sleeves have been making a gradual comeback and this is every growing bringing different styles making more of a statement.

Sleek and Elegant

There is plenty out there for the Sleek and Simple Bride, creating smooth lines and curves with great pattern cutting. Simple goes are classic, timeless and wont be going anywhere soon.

Karin - D2761 Front.jpg

Geometric, Floral and Leafy Lace

We saw more of a shift towards less traditional lace this year as Designers keep trying to push the boundaries with their designs. There is so much floral and natural lace perfect for a more relaxed whimsical bride, with a contrasting geometric lines created in other designed, going away from the usual french crowded lacing.

Jinny - Back D2752.jpg

We cant wait for out new gowns to arrive so we can share them with you towards the new year :D All the dresses in this blog however are already here, or arriving in a few weeks time so what are you waiting for? Get yourself booked in for an appointment!

Until next time!

Love Team C.B