Wedding veils - popular styles for 2017

A question we get asked a lot in our shop, is “are veils still popular?”.

They aren’t for everyone, but usually yes - there are just as popular as they have ever been!

The veils we stock in our Boutique in Stockport are mainly from the wonderful designers at Elizabeth Dickens .

Wedding veil styles

There are so many different things to consider when buying a veil - would you want a 2 tier veil so you can wear some over your face as you walk down the isle, or are you looking for more of a simple look where the veil just hangs down the back.

A lot more variations than anyone usually realises! For example, the colour of your dress makes a huge impact on your choice of veil, as a Champagne coloured wedding dress wouldn’t necessarily go with a white or ivory veil.

Matching veils to wedding dresses

We usually try to colour match the veil to the dress, using our swatches and colour charts in the Boutique. Colours of veils range from Peach, to Antique ivory, to baby pink so we are sure to find one to suit your look for your big day!

Once we have found the perfect colour/ shade, we can look closer at the detail on the veils. A lot of the veils are cut, completely plain, and made of a very soft net, and these are the best if you have a lot of detail on your dress, and want this to be seen through the veil as you’re walking down the isle.

Choosing your wedding veils

If you want something with a bit more sparkle, or intricate detail, this can also be found on a lot of the veils, as Elizabeth Dickens are very well known for their diversity and unique designs.

A dress with a lot of sparkle on it for example, may suit a veil with silver sparkles throughout, or a plain veil with a metallic coloured Russian braid edge. These add a little more weight to the veil, and ensure that they stand out from the dress.

The Russian braids can be ordered in near enough ANY colour, and we have seen some brides in the past come in to our boutique specifically for a coloured dress with a matching coloured detail on the veil!

For a lace wedding gown, you may want something a little more subtle and soft, like a scalloped edge plain veil, or we can always match the lace of your gown to the edge of a veil if you’re looking for a more Italian inspired design!

As well as colour, detail, and tiers you also have the length of the veil to consider. Are you looking for a short quirky veil, a flattering fingertip length veil, or a dramatic cathedral length veil? These can all be tried on in our shop so we can find something that you are comfortable and confident with, that suits you and your wedding gown on your special day!