Wedding Speeches - 10 Top Tips

Traditionally it’s the Father of the Bride, Groom and Best man who makes the speeches at the wedding breakfast. However it has become more and more popular for the bride to also say a few words. So if this is you, here are our top tips to make the perfect speech…

  1. Less is More - 10 minutes maximum your guests can get restless, so keep it short but sweet and we can promise the tears and laughter will come.

  2. Make some notes - It’s your big day, there is so much going on, keep a few prompt notes incase you get distracted half way though!

  3. Tell a Story - Have a beginning, middle and end to your speech and let your family and friend learn something about you or your partner that they don’t know.

  4. Add Humour - A joke or funny family stories always go down well and keep everybody engaged and smiling.

  5. Props - Give your bridesmaid something to bring to you that will add to your speech, an inside joke that you are willing to share, a nod to where you or your partner is from, something sentimental that goes with what you are saying.

  6. Toast - If you do want to make a toast remember to make sure that your guests glasses are full.

  7. Rehearse - Get an honest opinion from a trusted friend, and go through your speech out loud a few times to highlight where you forget.

  8. Take your Time - Don’t rush your words as everyone needs to be able to hear what you say!

  9. Thank you’s - Thank everyone for being an important part of your Big Day, especially those who have helped with their time or financially.

  10. Last but not least - Have fun! This is your wedding day and it will fly by so quickly so remember to enjoy the moment.

Veil or no veil?

We often get asked about wearing veils; are they still relevant for the modern bride with so many alternative options available?

Whist some may choose a hair comb, vine or floral crown there is no doubting the sheer elegance of the veil.

Traditionally worn to prevent the groom seeing his bride before the ceremony, the veil can do so much more to complete the wedding look.


From a traditional cathedral veil to the quirky birdcage veil, which look would you choose?

And ladies, who could resist the opportunity for the iconic wedding photos a veil can create?

veil with balloons.jpg
veil on beach.jpg

If you still need convincing, come in and see us!

Love, Team CB XX

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Game, Set, Match (made in heaven)

We thought we would have little fun this week inspired by Wimbledon and look at how you could have a tennis themed wedding!

Pimm’s ..Because it would be rude not to!


Decoration - Add a tennis ball and the possibilities are endless!

Table Plans and Name Placers


The perfect photo opportunity…


Strawberries and Cream


The Cake!


For MR


and for Mrs


You cant have a tennis themed wedding without getting some of the guests involved in a game….after you have beat your other half first of course!


Remember whatever your passions are this is your day bring your personality through and remember to have fun!

Until next time..

Love Team C.B xx

(images are not our own and were taken from pinterest)

Bride of the Month - June '19

It’s Bride of the Month time once again. This month, June Is one of the busiest months of the year when it comes to weddings. To celebrate our gorgeous Bride of the Month Angela, who has just married her Groom Phillip, has shared her experience and her words of wisdom for future brides-to-be. And as always, we get a sneaky look into her wonderful day!


“I remember being extremely anxious before I started looking for a dress wondering whether I’d feel like I’d found ‘the one’ when I did. I’d given myself plenty of time and had started looking about 11 months prior to the wedding as I’d had friends tell me it can take some time for the dresses to come in, and more than anything I really wanted to be organised. I always knew that I wanted high neck which was my only none negotiable point; my neck and chest often get flushed when I’m nervous, so I didn’t want to be worried about that on the day (as I expected the nerves!). Other than this, I was not sure what I wanted, and initially thought I would have something quite simple and floaty, which in the end was not what I chose. I’m 5ft 1, and I tried one bigger dress and quickly ruled out the full princess style as there’s quite a big of height difference between me and my now husband (who is just over 6ft) and I thought it made me look smaller and it just didn’t feel like me.  I went to a shop a friend had recommended that stocked a designer I liked, and after trying on 6 dresses I really liked 2 (which where opposite in styles! One form fitting and one floaty). After some debating, I felt neither was quite right, and there wasn’t anything else that caught my eye, so I left feeling a little overwhelmed but not yet defeated. 


I had decided I preferred the fit of the more fitted of the 2 dresses, but I felt the top wasn’t quite right on the one I’d tried, so I started to look at similar dresses I had saved by different designers and came across what was to be my dress! The dress was by Essence of Australia, the top was lace with some slight shimmer with a similar fit. We had got engaged in Adelaide in South Australia and when I saw the dress was called Adelaide, I felt like it was meant to be and hoped I wouldn’t be disappointed when trying it. I looked up the nearest stockist and came across Cheadle Bride. From the get-go, Catrin was extremely accommodating, told me the price point of the designer and I made an appointment for an evening the following week. 

On the day of the appointment I arrived and as well as the dress I had seen, Gwen helped me pull some other dresses to try on the day also and was lovely. I tried on the Adelaide dress first and I absolutely loved it! It just made me feel really special. The train was much bigger than I had thought on pictures, and I wondered whether it was a bit too much, but if you can’t do it on your wedding day then when can you! I tried on a couple of the other dresses, but the more I tried, the more I was sure I wanted the Adelaide dress and could imagine getting married in it. After getting back into it I didn’t want to take it off! The thing that surprised me, was that other dresses I had tried were more flattering, but this one just felt more like me. 


The wedding day ran smoothly, and my husband and I had a great day celebrating with friends and family. I absolutely loved the morning with my bridesmaids which will also be something I’ll always treasure. The weather was not on our side! It rained all day none stop despite it being glorious sunshine the weekend prior! But I found that on the day I felt extremely calm about everything and it really didn’t matter. All of the suppliers you use from the venue to the caterers to the photographer do this all the time, and they know what needs to change when its wet, so it ran without a glitch still. 


The best advice I received, or wish I would have received before the wedding was:

-       Your dress will look different after alterations – I was lucky the dress was in my size so didn’t need pegging, but even though I thought it fit like a glove it still was pulled in several more inches! And it really does transform it! There’s so much that can be changed also at the alteration stage if you need it to be.

-       Wedding dresses are often really hot, take a little freshen up bag and make sure you have deodorant, and some freshen up wipes etc. I also added mints/plasters/safety pins – just in case!

-       Make sure you don’t try on any dresses you can’t afford. The dress I bought was over my budget, and before I had made the appointment, I ensured we could tweak the budget should I love it.

-       Everyone says to try on lots of dresses, but whilst I tried different styles, if I really didn’t like an element of a dress I didn’t try it on. I knew myself and that it would overwhelm me to keep trying dresses so I only tried on ones I really liked. I tried on 11 in the end and felt it was enough for me, but I’ve had friends try on many more and love it.

-       Be honest around what you do and don’t like with all of your suppliers; I had a lot of highlighter on at my trial and it’s not something I like so she changed this, and I much preferred it. Whilst they know their job you must feel comfortable too. 

-       Your make up with feel heavier on the day; at my trial I was convinced I had far too much on, but there wasn’t and it looked lovely.

-       You suppliers are such a huge part of your day, so make sure it is people who are great to be around. My hair and make up woman was so calming on the morning and it was exactly what was needed. My photographer is the most enthusiastic person I have ever met, and this is so infectious! Finally our event organiser from the caterers was lovely and put me at ease from the get go – our music wouldn’t work after the speeches and she resolved it without bothering us, I was totally unaware until the next morning.


A big thanks to the ladies at Cheadle Bride. You made the dress trying experience lovely, and stock some absolutely beautiful dresses. “


We all at Cheadle Bride wish Anglea and Phillip every happiness for a life of love and laughter together.

Until Next time…

Love Team C.B XX

Venue: The Oak Tree of Peeover


New Dresses Highlight

This week we thought we would take a closer look at a handful of the new arrivals in the boutique by the amazing Essense of Australia. We are always over the moon with the fresh new romantic designs that Essense always seem to deliver time and time again. Which is your fav?



Get ready to turn heads in this chic ballgown with floral tulle skirt! This mixed creation features a Mikado bodice with clean lines and a skinny plunge, complete with shoestring straps for an effortless simplicity. The V-side cutouts mirror the scooped V-back perfectly, showing your skin in an elevated new way. The multi-layer tulle skirt makes a bold statement with a variety of large-scale floral patterns intermingling throughout the gown and against the wide horsehair trim for a structured yet airy hemline. The back of the gown zips beneath four fabric covered buttons at the base of the open back, before flowing out into a short, effortless train for a frothy finish.



Reimagined for the bohemian bride, this classic A-line silhouette takes on unexpected lace elements and laid-back style that’s perfect for your boho or beach wedding. Layered laces feature a mix of floral and linear patterns, placed over colored lining for a flattering negative space element that really pops. The wide lace straps are cool and casual, widening through the back into a subtle floating lace detail. With linear laces extending from the bodice throughout the skirt in a downward motion, the combination of tulle and matte-side Lustre satin creates effortless movement with a slight lace finish at the hem. The short train is easy to manage, perfect for a walk down a sandy aisle!



Soft and sweet, this off-the-shoulder lace and tulle ballgown was destined for the dreaming romantic at heart. This ultra-feminine, princess-inspired ballgown is bedecked in French laces that stand out against the colored lining, and are carefully layered so as to increase in thickness—creating a unique, natural texture. The off-the-shoulder lace straps are highlighted with a narrowed plunging neckline, highlighting the upper body in all the right places! The bodice on this wedding dress also features a high back for supportive construction, topped with fabric-covered buttons. A slight train completes this traditional silhouette for a delicate finish.

Keep a lookout for more styles from this stunning collection coming through ours doors!

Until Next time…

Love Team C.B xx

May Colour Scheme Ideas

This week we wanted to look at a little more unusual colour combinations. Colours that once brought together can be a match made in heaven. All would look beautiful for a May or Spring/Summer wedding.

Peach and Blue

This is a truly soft and sweet look using pastels in a slightly different way to the norm. The hydrangea is the perfect flower to add with this colour scheme.

Urban Tropical

We have seen tropical colour schemes before but this time, adding a urban twist with lots of green, gold and sleek designs creates a wonderful modern combination.

Yellow and Lavender

This is a colour combination which lost its popularity in recent years but is slowly making a comeback with a fresher feel. A Perfect way to add a touch of spring/ summer to your big day! Also a great start to create your own cocktail for a reception drink for your guests - win-win!

until next week!

Love Team C.B

(All images for this post were taken from Pinterest and are not the property of Cheadle Bride)

Bride of the Month - May '19

It’s that wonderful time once again, It’s Bride of the Month time!

Our amazing Bride of the Month for May is lovey Louise, who has very kindly written some words of wisdom for brides to be, this will give you some insight on her dress shopping experience and has even given us some tips and tricks to share with you! Enjoy …..

Louise and Leigh 0175.jpg

“Amongst the many things I had to do for my wedding, dress shopping remains one of the highlights! I LOVED it! I think I’m supposed to have a job in which I try on wedding dresses because I just fell in love with them. Even now that I’m happily married, I can’t resist a peek in the window of a bridal boutique.

When I set out to find ‘the one’ I had a pretty good idea of what would suit me but I also wanted to try on as many styles as I could cause I was only going to do this once (we hope!) I knew I would never go for a princess dress but I had fun prancing around in one…when else do you get to do it? I don’t know about you but I don’t go to many balls…

Louise and Leigh 0233.jpg

I went to five shops in total so I tried a LOT of dresses on. Cheadle Bride was actually my second shop and I found my dress then, I just didn’t know it yet. It was by Enzoani and when I first put it on, I had some tears, relief, excitement but came away to think about it and then did what I think a lot of brides do – had second thoughts, scrutinised the photos and questioned everything! And so my search continued but it all got a little confusing from then on…

I tried on so many dresses, probably too many. I started to convince myself that my dream dress probably didn’t exist because my reaction was always “I like it…but…”

So I became very practical and resigned myself to the fact that I may end up having to settle for something that wasn’t quite perfect, but nice enough.

All the while ‘the Cheadle Bride one’ (as we called it) was still in my mind but I knew there were things I’d want to change on it and I didn’t know if it was possible. So I booked another appointment with them. Honestly, I went in convinced that it would just be to rule it out once and for all.

I remember that appointment so clearly. I turned up at the shop like a headless chicken, grabbed as many dresses as I could that I hadn’t tried last time, even perused the sale rack and was determined to make some sort of decision. Time was ticking on after all. Catrin and Ellie, the seamstress had gotten out the Enzoani dress ready for me to try on for a second time and when I saw it hung up, I fell in love with the lace all over again. We tried that one on first. Then it happened. All the ‘feels’ came again and I knew it was my wedding dress.

Louise and Leigh 0251.jpg

Things that surprised me whilst dress shopping:

-                You can make changes! You don’t realise at first that some dresses can easily be altered and changed to suit your vision. I’d always wanted sleeves and I wanted more of a fishtail look to the bottom as I felt it would compliment my figure more. Cheadle Bride were so enthusiastic, open and nothing was too much trouble. Plus, it really didn’t cost that much for extra material and underskirts etc. 


-                Picking a shop close to home is really handy! You have to go back so many times. I went dress shopping in Clitheroe, Bakewell and almost ended up in Brighton! I was so relieved I only had to travel 20 minutes to Cheadle Bride.


-                There are lovely memories to be made. I invited my mum, step mum, mother in law and my bridesmaids to some appointments. People always told me to make the most of the lead up to the wedding because the big day goes so fast and it really does! So I’m glad to have some really fond memories of dress shopping with the wonderful women in my life.

Louise and Leigh 0779.jpg


-                The people that make you look good on your wedding day become a really intimate part of the experience. It’s also a side that the Groom never gets to share with you. Catrin and Ellie made us all feel so welcome and cared for. We fell in love with the place – my mum is always recommending it to people and one of my best friends has recently bought her dress from there!


-                Sometimes the dress that might look the best on you, just isn’t ‘you’. I’m lucky to be quite tall and slim and so I discovered that a lot of different styles suited me. I took a lot of photos and spent tons of pointless time considering them, thinking this one makes me look more sexy and that one really shows off my figure etc…but in the end I got the dress that made me feel like ‘me’ and you really can’t beat that feeling. On the day, I felt like a million dollars and it was also really special to wear something that was one of a kind.

Louise and Leigh 0773.jpg

A huge thanks to all at Cheadle Bride. You really made the wedding dress experience for me. It was such a special time in my life and I’ll always be grateful to have spent it with Catrin and Ellie. I’ll definitely be back when we renew our vows!! My husband’s shaking his head right now… “

Louise and Leigh 0367.jpg

Everyone at Cheadle Bride wish Louise and Leigh every happiness on their new journey as Man and Wife.

Until next time…

Love Team C.B XX

Photography by Cris Lowis Photography -

Shoe Heaven

You have found the perfect dress… its time to think about shoes!

With our rainbow club shoes the possibilities are endless to have the perfect shoe for your perfect day, at the same time being comfortable. Remember when choosing your shoes that your dress will be ordered or altered to the correct height whilst you’re wearing your shoes, therefore it’s so important to choose a style that you can wear all day, and all night! We don’t want you tripping on your dress!

Something blue…..


Each pair of Rainbow Club shoes comes with your ‘something blue’ on the sole of your shoe. A gorgeous little blue gem can tick one item from the traditions list in such a pretty way.


A mentioned above one of the key factors to your wedding shoes should be comfort! As a bride you will be on your feet all day greeting family and friends old and new and then dancing the night away into the early hours, thats why we LOVE how cushioned the rainbow club shoes are and they take great care to model and cast the shoes with this in mind.

Here are some of our favs….

Low heel

High Heel


Add a bit of glam to your shoe with the genius idea of a shoe clip……we at Cheadle Bride would wear these moe than just on our wedding day we love them so much!


If your looking for something a little different, and want a unique colour fro your special day The rainbow club shoes have over 150+ colour shades to choose form and can even colour match a swatch sample, all done in the UK by hand. There is even the option of having an ivory shoe for your wedding day and get them dyed so you can wear them again after! win-win! Let your imagination go free……..

Until Next time….

Love Team C.B xx

Easter <3

Happy Easter to all our Brides and loved ones! Take a little time out with friends, family and bunnies this easter time.

How will you be spending your weekend? In church, doing easter egg hunts, painting eggs with the little ones, baking hot cross buns or stuffing yourself full of chocolate eggs? Whichever it might be we all wish you a very wonderful time! We have posted below some ways of incorporating some easter traditions to your big day if you’re thinking of getting married this time of year. If you haven’t set you date yet what a wonderful time of year to consider.

Until next week….enjoy!

Love team C.B xx


These bunny cake toppers are just ADORABLE!

Why not have a Easter egg hunt during your drinks reception. Fun for both kids and big kids!


The wonderful thing about having a wedding in Easter time is all the amazing colour you could use in all your venue decorations and your flowers that bring joy to the room. have fun with the scheme is so many different ways!

Bride of The Month - April '19

Now the girls at Cheadle Bride couldn’t let our very own Catrin get married without making her our bride of the month! it also means you can have a sneaky peak at her big day! We wish the new MRS and MR Burns every happiness for their bright future together - we are so happy for them both!

Here is what Catrin herself had to say…


I looked at the list and to my surprise I had been chosen by the team to be Bride of the Month for April. 

Choosing my dress – Gwen and I were in the shop one Tuesday afternoon and we had no appointments so I was told Mam you need to try some dresses on! So that’s what happened. 

As a bridal shop owner you’d think that I would know exactly which dress I would want, Wrong.  When it’s your dress it’s a different matter and yes like many of our brides I ended up with something that I thought I’d never wear.  Gwen knew exactly what would suit me and how right she was “Darwin” by Essense of Australia I felt a million dollars on the day!


John and I were married at “The Inn on the Lake” in Glenridding on a magical spring day and Gary and his team made our day so special.

Here are a few our photos by

I hope that you enjoy a glimpse of our magical day in the Lake District.


Love from Catrin and Team CB xx