Easter <3

Happy Easter to all our Brides and loved ones! Take a little time out with friends, family and bunnies this easter time.

How will you be spending your weekend? In church, doing easter egg hunts, painting eggs with the little ones, baking hot cross buns or stuffing yourself full of chocolate eggs? Whichever it might be we all wish you a very wonderful time! We have posted below some ways of incorporating some easter traditions to your big day if you’re thinking of getting married this time of year. If you haven’t set you date yet what a wonderful time of year to consider.

Until next week….enjoy!

Love team C.B xx


Bride of The Month - April '19

Now the girls at Cheadle Bride couldn’t let our very own Catrin get married without making her our bride of the month! it also means you can have a sneaky peak at her big day! We wish the new MRS and MR Burns every happiness for their bright future together - we are so happy for them both!

Here is what Catrin herself had to say…


I looked at the list and to my surprise I had been chosen by the team to be Bride of the Month for April. 

Choosing my dress – Gwen and I were in the shop one Tuesday afternoon and we had no appointments so I was told Mam you need to try some dresses on! So that’s what happened. 

As a bridal shop owner you’d think that I would know exactly which dress I would want, Wrong.  When it’s your dress it’s a different matter and yes like many of our brides I ended up with something that I thought I’d never wear.  Gwen knew exactly what would suit me and how right she was “Darwin” by Essense of Australia I felt a million dollars on the day!


John and I were married at “The Inn on the Lake” in Glenridding on a magical spring day and Gary and his team made our day so special.

Here are a few our photos by www.craigebarker.com

I hope that you enjoy a glimpse of our magical day in the Lake District.


Love from Catrin and Team CB xx

Bring The Outdoors Indoors

For Spring 2019 we are seeing a big trend of bringing the outdoors indoors for venue decoration. We are seeing more trees, greenery and soft florals than ever before, and why not? Have the all the beauty and romance of an outdoor wedding but making sure everyone is still warm and comfy Inside! The natural beauty of the foliage and flowers soften the look of any room and can be the base of any colour scheme. Below we will explore ways that you could bring the outdoors inside for your own wedding.

Down The Aisle

Make your grand entrance magical with foliage fit for a fairy guiding you down to your H2B!

Saying ‘I DO’

Get and archway to soon over - or simply make sure you can see through to the gardens beyond.

Wedding Breakfast and time to party!

Bring trees on your table, and copays of green overhead maybe even some fairy lights to help bring in the evening to help dance the night away as MR & MRS

Until next week…

Love Team C.B xx

The rise of Bridesmen and Groomsgirls

Gone are the days where the ultimate goal for a wedding is to keep up with tradition, yes this can still play a big factor to brides today, however as love come in all shapes, sizes, gender and colour - why not your wedding too? If you feel like getting married on a beach with your toes feeling the sand ,why not? Getting married on top of a cliff instead of a church? go for it! A bouquet fit for a rainbow instead of a traditional rose? - Wonderful!

So why not apply this way of thinking of ‘non-tradition’ to your wedding party too? We are seeing more and more Bridesmen and Groomsgirls become part of the wedding and we love the idea of it. What matters is having those you depend on, feel closest to and want to be right up there with you on the most important day of you life-regardless on gender or the norm! Are you planning on breaking tradition for your wedding party? Comment below to let us know how!

Dress Shopping Tips



Making an appointment at Cheadle Bride is the first step to dress shopping. This will guarantee that we have a fitting room available for you and have a 1 to 1 consultant just for you as we help you on every step of your dress journey. We recommend booking your appointment at least a week ahead of time to ensure availability.


It can be hard to dress shop when you have no idea how much you want to spend. Having an idea of budget can be helpful so you don't spend time trying on gowns out of your comfort zone. Our bridal gowns range from £800- £2000, mostly sitting around the £1500 mark. However we also have a wide range of beautiful last chance gowns at an amazing reduction in our outlet section upstairs where dresses start from £250 - £1000.


We recommend keeping your bridal shopping group small, around 3 or 4 people at the maximum. Bringing many more can cause stress on the bride, making it hard for her to make a decision. Also, bring people you can fully trust. You want honest opinions and people who will support you!


Putting on a little makeup and doing your hair similar to your bridal vision can help finish the look when bridal shopping! It makes it easier to visualise how you'll look on the big day. However we do ask to be careful of our gowns so not to go overboard on the makeup and no fake tan is appreciated!


Have an open mind when you're trying on dresses. Try on styles you normally wouldn't like. A lot of the time, brides purchase a gown that's opposite of what they originally wanted.


The biggest tip we can give you is to relax and enjoy this experience! This is a moment of the wedding planning that is all about you so we want to make sure that you feel like a princess (or a lady, or glamorous , or a little different - whatever you want to feel like for YOUR wedding day)


Bride of The Month - March '19

We love it each time our bride walks through the door, from your first appointment to the collection of your dress before the big day. We are committed to you, every step of the way. This is why it makes it so special to us when we get to see snaps of the big day itself!

Here, for our March Bride of the Month we get a snapshot of Nicola’s beautiful day and we are so happy we get to share them with you all! Doesn’t she look absolutely dreamy in her Essense gown?! Also, lets talk about THAT suit? Wow! such a stunning couple! Love and luck to you and your new Husband Nicola, from all of us at Cheadle Bride xx


"Cheadle bride wasn’t my first bridal shop experience, as I had already bought a dress a few months earlier which I was having second thoughts about. With the wedding day fast approaching I wanted to see if I was just having pre-wedding nerves or it really wasn’t the dress for me anymore.

Walking into the shop was a completely different experience from my last, even with a toddler in tow this time. The atmosphere was relaxed and welcoming, no restriction on how many dresses you could try and plenty of helpful input if needed

We sat down first to discussed what I was looking for and after seeing my first dress we decided to try some completely different options just to see if I was just getting cold feet. After selecting several different styles, we whittled them down to my favourite. Along this process I had realised that the dress I bought just didn’t match up. This new dress really was just on a different level, perfect for my big day!

When it came to my wedding day I was so excited to put the dress back on, also a little nervous I would have second thoughts again. Though that simply wasn’t the case, it made me feel so special and looked a dream.

I can’t thank your team enough for all your help that day, it was just what I needed to make sure I got it right this time!"


Photography by Helen Whitaker the Picture House.

Love Team C.B xxx

Wedding themes, Alice in Wonderland!

Its time for the last of our wedding themes! This week we are looking at Alice in Wonderland, such a lovely idea for an outdoors summer wedding, or a wedding where afternoon tea is more your thing rather than a formal sit down meal.

This playful set up could be as theatrical or as subtle as you would want it to be. Maybe vintage tea sets,and sweet treats inspired by the film would be enough to satisfy you and your partner for your big day. Below are a nice mix of ideas, that we at Cheadle Bride love!

Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 19.16.00.png

This idea could even be created with french fancies, and hand made notes? What a perfect wedding favour idea!

This idea could even be created with french fancies, and hand made notes? What a perfect wedding favour idea!

Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 19.16.42.png
Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 19.31.37.png

And of course, the bridal look. If you’re going for an understated more vintage feel, how about a 50s style tea length dress, maybe “Lola” by Emma Bridal? Or for a longer more traditional feel, theres the beautiful “Cleo” by Enzoani! These gowns can be found in our designer sections!

We hope you have enjoyed these theme ideas as much as we have, they aren’t for everyone but are exciting to look at and find inspiration from!

Lots of love,Team CB xxx

Wedding themes.. Great Gatsby!

Back to our themed wedding ideas, and this week we are loving a 1920’s inspired wedding, inspired by the likes of The Great Gatsby! Such a classy, monochrome look, with slinky silouhettes and glamour!

Below are some different images that we adore, of venue ideas and colours to fit with this theme!

who wouldn’t love a sweet stand at their wedding!

who wouldn’t love a sweet stand at their wedding!

Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 19.14.31.png

Such a grand setting, topped off with gold, pearls and feathers! This is definitely an extravagant set up, which could definitely be simplified to make it more to your taste!

Such a grand setting, topped off with gold, pearls and feathers! This is definitely an extravagant set up, which could definitely be simplified to make it more to your taste!

Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 19.13.13.png

And finally the bridal look! How about a gorgeously long veil possibly even cathedral length, topped off with a slinky column style dress? A perfect one for this look, would be the amazing Adelaide, by Essense of Australia, which can be found in our designer section on the website!

We hope you like this idea as much as us, stay tuned for our third and final themed idea next week, which will be a bit more on the quirky side!

Lots of love, Team CB xx

Themed wedding ideas...

Themed weddings are a big thing in America, and have been getting more and more popular in the UK !

From Harry Potter themed weddings, to a Midsummer Nights dream, they can be a great way to add a bit of fun to your wedding day. We have been looking at some of our favourite films in the shop, and seeing how we could use them as a theme for a wedding!

Starting with, the new favourite, The Greatest Showman!

Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 19.10.20.png

Lots of bold colours and a carnival style theme would be used to create this look- lots of draped fabric and sparkle!! Maybe some red or gold bridesmaids??

Why not go all out with some ‘circus’ animals at the table- maybe even your guests would want to dress up to fit in with the theme of the day?!

Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 19.09.36.png

And of course, we would need to top it all off with a dramatic gown! How about an satin A-line dress, like our Augusta from Essense of Australia? (can be seen on the Essense of Australia page, on this website!)

We think The Greatest Showman would be a wonderful theme for a wedding day! Stay tuned for more movie favourites over the next few weeks!!

Lots of love, Team CB xx

Be my Valentine!

Happy Valentines day to all our Brides, and CONGRATULATIONS to all our newly weds and all our newly engaged couples! This Valentines day, we have filled our beautiful shop window with pink, red, lilac and peach roses, and this got us thinking, how would you design your Valentines day wedding? Would you go for the traditional red, hearts and roses, or change it up a little with some quirky colours and signage?

Of course, we turned to Pinterest and past brides, and had a look at some ideas that we really love for such a romantic time of year!

Screen Shot 2019-02-14 at 14.35.12.png

We love the different hues of pink in these images, a softer alternative to red, for the bride who wants to change it up a little for her February wedding!

Screen Shot 2019-02-14 at 14.35.28.png

And come on, who doesn’t love a cupcake or 5!?

Screen Shot 2019-02-14 at 14.36.24.png

But our favourite, is this kissing booth! A quirky alternative to the recent favourite, the photo booth! Where guests can dress up and have photos to take home, to remember the special day.

Lots of Love this Valentines day, Team CB xx